Forrest Gump\'s Hanna Hall aka Jenny — Where Is She Now? (VIDEO)
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Forrest Gump’s Hanna Hall aka Jenny — Where Is She Now? (VIDEO)


If you can believe it, Forrest Gump came out twenty years ago, raking in over $677 million worldwide, earning six Oscars, solidifying Tom Hanks as an American legend, and shooting up the Top 10 lists of moviegoers everywhere.

We know about Tom's career in the years since — and about those of co-stars Robin Wright, Sally Field, Mykelti Williamson, and Gary Sinise — but what about other actors in the film, like the actress who played Jenny as a young girl?

That girl is Hanna Hall, and we've rounded up five facts about her post-Gump life in the video above!

Hanna told The Yo Show (per International Business Times) that people often do recognize her, though many assume she's a high school classmate instead of an actress from one of their favorite movies.

Those who do recognize her ask her to yell, "Run, Forrest, run!" — but she usually demurs, as she says she doesn't even know the accent anymore.

And then there are the people who know and love the movie, but don't recognize her at all. "The funniest is just walking down the street and hear someone yell it to their friend, having no idea that I'm standing right there, and I'm like, 'That was me.'"

Check out the video above for more updates on Hanna!

Source: The Yo Show (per International Business Times)