The Fosters Season 2 Scoop: Callie and Wyatt Get Intimate and Brandon Struggles to Move On — Exclusive
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The Fosters Season 2 Scoop: Callie and Wyatt Get Intimate and Brandon Struggles to Move On — Exclusive

Get your tissues ready because tonight’s Season 2 premiere of The Fosters is an emotional roller coaster — but seriously, what episode of The Fosters isn’t? From the aftermath of Brandon’s brutal beating, to the fallout of the Callie’s almost-adoption, Season 2 finds every member of the Foster family at a crossroads.

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Maia Mitchell about Callie’s journey in Season 2, and it sounds like Callie could really use a hug. (Preferably one from Rita.) After being told the man she thought was her father wasn’t actually her biological dad, Callie, Stef, and Lena are on a mission to find Robert Quinn — the man who could finally make Callie a Foster. That is, if he signs away his parental rights.

Callie will also have to deal with the other men her life — Brandon and Wyatt. But don’t worry, this isn’t a love triangle situation. Callie and Brandon are totally over and now they have to navigate their connection to the friendzone. Meanwhile, when Callie starts to get intimate with Wyatt, it triggers memories of her dark past with Liam.

For more Season 2 scoop, read our interview with Maia below!

Wetpaint Entertainment: At the end of last season, we found out Callie’s dad wasn’t actually her biological father, which means she wasn’t able to be adopted by the Fosters. So is the search on for Robert Quinn on this season?

Maia Mitchell: Yeah. That is a huge part of the season. When Season 2 picks up, Callie has processed what’s happened and she’s kind of got her mind set on the adoption and being part of the Fosters. I don’t think she wants to know anything about this Robert Quinn. I don’t think she even wants to put a face to a name. She just wants the adoption to go ahead, and she’s trying to figure out how to do that.

From what we’ve heard about Robert Quinn, it sounds like he’s not just going to sign away his parental rights to Lena and Stef.

His intentions become pretty clear when he’s introduced, but you definitely learn quickly that he’s not a bad guy. He’s a really nice guy who wants what’s best for Callie, as a father would. You’ll see him struggling with his decision. I think that if you discovered that you were a father to someone — I mean, I can’t imagine that [laughs] — but I feel like my instinct would be to parent. So you see him struggling with that realization. He wants to be her dad, but maybe that’s not what she needs. Maybe she needs to be a Foster. This season is all about figuring out where Callie fits into everything.

It sounds like Callie doesn’t want anything to do with him at first. Is that going to change over the course of the season?

I think in the beginning she feels like she doesn’t need him. So it is a process, and you see her questioning what he means to her — and what he could potentially mean to her — throughout the season. I think right now she just wants to be part of the Fosters, and whatever happens between her and her dad isn’t going to change that, even if she realizes she really likes having him around. Her heart is always going to be with the Fosters.

In the finale we saw her receive the news that she wasn’t going to be adopted, and there was this really nice moment where she tells Lena and Stef to still adopt Jude. She’s sort of in limbo when Season 2 picks up. She’s part of the family, but not legally part of the family. How is she handling that?

For her, it’s about Jude. In the [Season 2 premiere], Jude gets his new birth certificate and it has the mothers’ names on it, and Callie couldn’t be happier for him. I think she feels a tremendously sense of relief. She’s been parenting this kid since she was a teenager, and throughout her whole adolescence, she’s been a parent. So I think it’s a huge relief to her to be able to hand that off to people that she loves and trusts. She knows Lena and Stef will do a better job than her. She’s just so happy that Jude has parents and siblings who love him. With that also comes the anxiety of whether or not she’s going to be part of that and how to make that happen as quickly as possible. You definitely see Jude and Callie struggling with that.

The Fosters Season 2 Scoop: Callie and Wyatt Get Intimate and Brandon Struggles to Move On — Exclusive
Credit: ABC Family    

Let’s talk about Brandon and Callie. Things are kind of awkward between them right now.

It’s so difficult! They still want to be there for eachother, and you definitely see them become a support system for one another this season. Their friendship starts to grow and they start to figure out how to channel the connection that they have into a strong friendship. Callie is a huge part of why he decided to join a band this season. At the end of last season, Brandon’s hand was severely damaged, and Callie inspires him to not give up on his music. And he’s always there for her with all of the stuff that she’s going through with the Quinns and the adoption. So I think you seem them make an effort to be there for each other, regardless of their past. You seem them almost ask each other for permission to move forward — Callie has Wyatt now and Brandon meets a girl. But it is something they’re always going to struggle with.

They’re both at a crossroads, and they’re both going through identity crises.

Exactly. And they’re both trying to get through it and be there for each other.

Wyatt has grown on me! He actually has a really cute moment with Callie in the premiere. What can you tell us about their relationship in Season 2?

He’s a really good guy! I don’t know if I’d have the stamina to stay with someone who at one point had feelings for someone else, but he really does care about her. But the Brandon thing is behind her, and their connection gets even stronger this season. You see them really start to explore each other. In later episodes, they start to explore their sexuality, as people their age do. I think she’s trying to be comfortable with him, but you see her past catch up to her. The sexual abuse that she went through with Liam will catch up to her, and she’s going to realize that it’s something she needs to deal with and process. She’s never addressed it at all, and she starts to realize it’s affecting her relationship with Wyatt. She needs to be able to feel safe around men, so you’ll see Wyatt being really patient with her about that. He’s so supportive and loving. It’s really beautiful to see.

Let’s talk about Callie’s relationship with Mariana. They had such a nice bond last season, and Mariana is also going through her own identity crisis in Season 2. Can we expect more sisterly moments between the two?

Yeah. There are some really fun scenes between us. Callie and Mariana share a room, so they often end up having a lot of late-night chats. You definitely see that sisterly dynamic play out in those bedroom scenes. Callie is definitely a support for Mariana, but you’ll see that Mariana has her own thing going on this season. She’s really trying to find her independence this season. She meets a new boy in later episodes, and he’s a huge part in helping her discover where she fits in in the world. She’s learning that it’s OK to be different.

Catch the Season 2 premiere of The Fosters on Monday, June 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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