The Fosters Spoilers: David Lambert on Brandon and Callie’s “New Chapter” and His “Dark Points” in Season 2 — Exclusive
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The Fosters Spoilers: David Lambert on Brandon and Callie’s “New Chapter” and His “Dark Points” in Season 2 — Exclusive

With so much drama boiling over in tonight’s Season 1 finale of The Fosters (“Adoption Day”), David Lambert told Wetpaint Entertainment that “there are more important things” ahead for Brandon and Callie than their relationship.

With Callie focussed on her and Jude’s adoption and Brandon in the middle of an extortion plot between him and Ana, there little time to focus on their relationship status, and that’s probably a good thing, seeing as Brandon already told Callie how he felt at the dance. (In other words, cool your jets, bro.) But an understanding will be reached between the two, and a “new chapter” of their relationship begins.

Read our interview with David to get all the scoop on what’s to come for Brandon and Callie (spoiler alert: music is involved!), and what’s ahead for Season 2. One word, two syllables: dra-ma.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Your character has been at the center of all the drama this season, and some might even say he’s been causing all the drama.

David Lambert: Yeah, I wouldn’t disagree. I think that’s kind of true.

And he makes yet another questionable decision in the finale. What can you tell us about that?

You’re definitely going to see him feel the effects of the mistakes he’s been making and the choices he’s been making. So there’s a bit more questionable activity coming up in the finale. I think [the most recent episode] was a culmination of things. We definitely saw a lot of stuff between him and Callie, and now we’re going to see the repercussions of what happened between him and Ana. He has to face his parents, and they’re not happy about it. This last episode is a big one for Brandon, and he’s going to go through a lot. The finale is part two of Brandon messing up.

The Fosters Spoilers: David Lambert on Brandon and Callie’s “New Chapter” and His “Dark Points” in Season 2 — Exclusive
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But it’s more fun to play a character who’s messing up that a character who’s perfect, right?

Definitely! It’s even more fun when you play a character who starts off in a really good place, and then you have to work your way down and make him vulnerable and frustrated and angry and conflicted. As an actor, that’s what you want. All that drama — that’s what you want to play.

How is this all going to affect his relationship with Callie? He made things pretty clear where he stood with her, and she was kind of stunned. What’s next?

He didn’t hold anything back at the dance. I think at that point, he was really done with it. He said it himself, he was tired. He’s done beating around the bush with Callie. He just wants to ignore everything else and fight for this and make it work. That’s his gung-ho mindset. With everything else that’s happening with him, it will affect their relationship. Brandon and Callie are about to start a new chapter. Hopefully, in some time, they’ll get back to being in a comfortable place — like where they used to be — but it’s going to feel different. A lot has been said and things have changed between them. Both of their plates are pretty full. Callie is so worried about getting adopted and making sure things work out for her and Jude. She’s prioritizing; there are more important things, and she’s aware of that and smart enough to know that. And I think Brandon is also going to go on his own journey of discovery. He’s going to have to start from scratch and work his way back up.

I mean, he wrote her such a lovely song. She needs to hear it!

[Laughs] Yeah, definitely. Right. Maybe she will! I think the music will be a big thing for Brandon to go back to to get through his funk. I think he’s going to continue to play, and he’s going to use it as an outlet, and he’s going to become a better musician because of it. So we’ll be seeing more of that, too.

I also love the moments when you get to see Brandon be a big brother — whether it’s with Jesus and Mariana or with Jude. Can fans expect more of those moments?

The finale is so loaded with all of these pivotal moments between the characters, but I’m definitely hoping for more scenes like this. That’s what the show is about. We do take the time to have those small brother-sister scenes and those mother-son scenes — whatever the pairing — and they always try to shed light on all the different relationships in the house. That won’t go away. That’s part of what makes The Fosters. That’s where the heart of the show is, in those scenes. Even if the scene isn’t too important to the story, it’s about those relationships. It’s people being able to relate because they’re siblings. I really like those scenes. They’re really sweet. And we work hard to make them feel as real and effortless as possible. I think we’re all proud of that.

The Fosters Spoilers: David Lambert on Brandon and Callie’s “New Chapter” and His “Dark Points” in Season 2 — Exclusive
Credit: ABC Family    

It reminds me of what Jason Katims shows do so well, like Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. They show those understated moments between the characters.

Exactly. That’s a good way of putting it. I love those shows, and we’re all about those moments.

Is there anything else you’re really excited about in the finale? It’s a big one for Brandon, like you said, and he sort of ends up at a crossroads.

We’re about to see Branson go through even more that is going to cause him to change, ever so slightly, in Season 2. He’s going to have to shift gears soon, and it will be because of the things that happen in the finale. All the stuff that happened between him and Callie at the dance is going to stick with him. Between that and what’s to come [in the finale], in Season 2, Brandon has to rebuild everything again.

Is Brandon going to be a darker character in Season 2, or is he starting fresh?

I think he has his dark points, but I don’t think he’ll stay there. What I’d like to see more of is some redeeming qualities, bringing some of the old Brandon back. Maybe he’s a little smarter now. I don’t think he’ll stay dark. I think he’s going through a bad time and it’s coming out in odd ways. He’s acting out.

Catch the Season 1 finale of The Fosters on Monday, March 24 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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