Foxy Brown Shares First Photo of a Baby We Didn\'t Know She Had
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Foxy Brown Shares First Photo of a Baby We Didn’t Know She Had


Unless you live in Brooklyn, it's rare to see Foxy Brown in public. Even if you're one of her celebrity friends!

The Caribbean-American rapper is so low-key, many missed the news that she gave birth months ago — unless you religiously tune into The Wendy Williams, where it was announced in March.

Well, Foxy decided to not be so private and recently shared a picture of what her baby looks like. We're in love!


On her birthday, the "Ill Na Na" rapper reposted Wendy William's birth announcement on Instagram.


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In the clip, the talk show host explained that she's not sure who the father is but he maybe a reggae artist, hinting at Foxy Brown's on-and off again partner Spragga Benz.


Although it's been 6 months, Foxy still hasn't revealed who the father is.


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The 39-year-old's Wikipedia page claims she got engaged to Spragga Benz in 2001. However, it doesn't mention if or when the two split.


In 2015, the Brooklyn native spent most of the year professing her undying love for the Jamaican reggae star on social media.


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However, news reports from that year claimed they were no longer engaged, especially when photos surfaced showing Spragga Benz spending time with other women.


Despite the confusing drama regarding her relationship status, the hit '90s rapper posted a photo of her daughter yesterday, stating her child is the greatest gift she’s received.


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The 39-year-old used Lauryn Hill's iconic song "Zion" as background music for the pic.


Wrapped in an embroidered ivory Chanel blanket, the Brooklyn native's daughter stared into the camera.


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News of Foxy Brown becoming a mother is heartwarming because of all the turmoil she faced in her earlier years.


She's been arrested several times and also admitted to suffering from depression.


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The New York City celebrity is also known for assaulting customer service employees.


For example, she served jail time after attacking two manicurists in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.


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Aside from her legal issues, Foxy is known for feuding with other celebrities, usually for no reason.


But we’re pretty sure she’ll no longer entertain or stir the drama since she has a child to focus on.


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