Teresa Giudice Fraud Case Update: Lawyers Demand Details of Allegations Against Her
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Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice Fraud Case Update: Lawyers Demand Details of Allegations Against Her

If you've never followed a high profile legal case before, you're probably learning from Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice's current legal woes that there is a lot that goes down before the trial actually starts. The most recent update on Teresa and Joe's fraud case? Tre's lawyers are demanding details about the allegations against the Jersey star.

As Radar Online reports, Teresa's lawyers filed a pretrial motion demanding that the government provide a bill of particulars detailing why they are charging Teresa with 41 counts of of fraud and other financial crimes.

Radar obtained the court docs, which say, "The indictment repeatedly uses vague and amorphous words and phrases, but fails to provide additional detail to allow Teresa to defend herself against these allegations."

Her lawyers go on to explain that, "the Defense has accessed and reviewed the Government’s discovery in the U.S. Attorney’s Office on many occasions, and still cannot determine what the basis is for many of the allegations set forth in the Indictment."

In layman's terms, the lawyers are saying that the charges against Teresa are too vague, and they can't properly defend her unless the government provides more information about exactly "'what' the government intends to prove" in the case against Tre.

The docs Radar obtained also address the ongoing fight to have Teresa and Joe's trials separate, asserting, "The Court should sever the trials of Teresa and Joe Giudice to protect [Teresa's] two basic trial rights. Severing the trails is justified to protect Teresa's rights to: 1) testify on her own behalf, and 2) not testify against her husband."

A hearing date has been scheduled for April 9. We continue to wish the Giudices the best in this hard time.

Source: Radar Online