Teresa and Joe Fraud Case Update: Lawyers Ask for Hearing to Move Forward!
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Teresa Giudice

Teresa and Joe Fraud Case Update: Lawyers Ask for Hearing to Move Forward!

The plot thickens for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and husband Joe's legal drama, as the couple has reportedly asked the court to move up a pretrial hearing in their bank fraud case.

Radar Online is reporting that Teresa's lawyers have submitted a letter to the judge asking for a pretrial hearing to be held soon, during which Teresa and Joe would ask for their trials to be held separately.

"As of now, the motions’ potential impact on the trial schedule, we respectfully ask the Court to consider moving up the hearing on pretrial motions to the earliest time convenient for the Court to hear the motions and render a decision," reads the letter. The couple feels that they could better defend themselves with separate trials.

However, prosecutors are fighting to prevent the couple from having separate trials. "[Joe] has provided false testimony under oath on multiple occasions," prosecutors write in their opposing motion. So for this and other reasons, "each of Defendants’ pretrial motions must be denied," say the prosecutors.

Teresa and Joe's request for the pretrial hearing is currently being considered by the judge, so we should know soon whether their request has been granted. Their court date is currently set for April.

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Source: Radar Online