The Fray’s Isaac Slade Names Favorite TV Shows — Which Don’t Include Grey’s Anatomy!
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Grey's Anatomy

The Fray’s Isaac Slade Names Favorite TV Shows — Which Don’t Include Grey’s Anatomy!

It’s kind of hard to hear a song by The Fray and not think of Grey’s Anatomy. After all, their music has been pretty prominently featured on the show. But when lead singer Isaac Slade was asked to name his favorite TV shows in a recent interview with Metro, Grey’s didn’t make the cut. Frankly, on behalf of our favorite show, we’re a little insulted!

While Isaac listed many shows we know and love — including New Girl, Breaking Bad, and Parenthood — Grey’s wasn’t on the list. Which is a little surprising for us to hear, considering the fact that the show’s music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas, is responsible for launching The Fray into the mega-popular status the band has today.

If you recall, back in Season 2, “How To Save a Life” (a song that was virtually unknown at the time) played in the episode “Superstition” in 2006 — you know, the one where a bunch of patients die in one morning. After the song was featured in the show, the song soared up the Hot 100 chart, thanks to Grey’s millions of fans.

The song was so essential to Grey’s history, in fact, that the cast sang their own rendition of “How to Save a Life” in Season 7’s musical episode.

And, oh yeah, a Grey’s Anatomy version of the “How to Save a Life” music video was released by ABC after they included the song on the show’s official soundtrack.

But no big deal, Isaac. We’re not hurt. These tears in our eyes are of happiness that you love Nashville so much.

Are you surprised The Fray didn’t list Grey’s Anatomy as one of their favorite shows? Sound off below!

Source: Metro

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