American Horror Story: Naomi Grossman Talks Pepper\'s Star Turn — Exclusive (VIDEO)
Credit : Wetpaint Entertainment

American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Naomi Grossman Talks Pepper’s Star Turn — Exclusive (VIDEO)


Pepper is stepping into the Freak Show spotlight tonight on American Horror Story, and we've got exclusive scoop from Naomi Grossman, the delightful actress underneath all those prosthetics! Check out Wetpaint Entertainment's video interview with Naomi above.

"Orphans" is the name of the ghoulish installment tonight (December 17) — hitting the air at 10 p.m. ET on FX — and it promises to be a major chapter for this fan favorite!

In fact, Pepper may be the key to the whole series. We were thrilled (and chilled) when Ryan Murphy & Co. revealed that we'd get to play another round with Pepper, bringing her back from American Horror Story: Asylum and thereby making her the first character to appear in multiple seasons of the Emmy-winning franchise.

Then Ryan doubled-down on the cross-pollination — casting Lily Rabe in Freak Show as her Asylum character, Sister Mary Eunice, and revealing that there is a master plan to show how all the seasons are connected. (Rumor is, the satanic sister will rear her pretty head again tonight!)

We get Naomi's take on the ever-expanding AHS universe, and we snag a few teases about her big episode tonight, so be sure to watch the video above!