Justin Bieber Freaks Out About Selena Gomez During Deposition — Report (VIDEO)
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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Freaks Out About Selena Gomez During Deposition — Report (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez may be Justin Bieber’s “elegant princess,” but it seems like the feeling is mutual. It sounds like Justin is having trouble keeping his cool when he’s talking about her — especially when he’s being grilled by lawyers.

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber’s deposition Thursday — where he had to answer questions about a photographer who claims Justin sent his bodyguard to beat him up — was going smoothly until the lawyer for the photographer started asking questions about Selena... a topic which Justin’s lawyer said was neither here nor there and asked him to cut it out. But, of course, he didn’t cut it out, and this led to Justin getting hostile.

Reportedly, Justin and his lawyer, Howard Weitzman, stood up to leave when the lawyer’s persistent questioning about Justin’s ex didn’t quit, but not without the “Believe” singer getting in the last word. “Do not ask me about her! Do not ask me about her!” he allegedly screamed.

And it didn’t end there. After everyone took a quick break to cool down, Justin came back into the room with a vengeance. When Justin answered a question with “yeah,” the lawyer asked if he meant “yes,” and Justin said, ‘What the f—k is the difference between yeah and yes?”

Any English teacher could explain that one to you, but we’ll let it go this time. While “yes” would be the proper word to go with in a formal setting like a deposition, the lawyer was obviously working hard to get a rise out of Justin.

The freshly turned 20-year-old also later went on to ask the lawyer, “What is this, 60 Minutes?” and “Okay, Katie Couric, what’s your question again?”

Justin’s got ‘tude. Not like anyone’s surprised.

Source: TMZ