Why Khloe Kardashian Fell For Former Drug Dealer French Montana — Report
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Khloe Kardashian

Why Khloe Kardashian Fell For Former Drug Dealer French Montana — Report

By all photographic evidence, Khloe Kardashian is moving on from her marriage to Lamar Odom with rapper French Montana. However, given the fact that multiple reports cite drug abuse on Lamar’s end as the big cause of their relationship breakdown, it might not make sense to some that Khloe would fall for an admitted former coke dealer.

However, HollywoodLife.com sources say it’s partly because of his troubled past that Khloe is so into French, aka Karim Kharbouch. “Whatever French has done in the past, that was his past,” the insider says. “It was his story and she’s sure he’s learned and gained so much knowledge from it.”

French does rap quite a bit about his past in the drug trade, but it’s definitely behind him. It took a bullet to the head, which he miraculously survived, for French to take a hard look at his choices and make some changes.

In addition to feeling French has learned from his experiences and put them in the rear view, the friend says French’s dedication to doing right by the people closest to him also makes him very attractive to Khloe. “She respects anyone who’s worked their way up and made a better life for themselves and their family and friends.”

Considering how “ride or die” the Kardashian family is, it sounds to us like French would fit right in!

Source: HollywoodLife.com