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This Fresh-Faced ’80s Guy Became a Mega-Famous Comedian! Who Is He? (PHOTO)

We did a doubletake when we first saw this Throwback Thursday post. We're not sure if it's headshot magic, a strikingly different facial hair situation, or the good ol' passage of time, but this TV host, comedian, and author looked totally different when he was first doing stand-up in the '80s! The difference is especially striking, considering he hasn't really switched up his look since the early '90s.

Now 57, dude wouldn't get famous until 1990, when he won a comedy contest. He finally got his big TV break in 1994 on a one-season ABC sitcom. While that show flopped, he got his own eponymous show from 1996 through 2002.

Need a bigger hint? This comedian has taken a more family-friendly route than some of his peers — something that might have led to his current game show hosting gig. (We're sure the long-running morning show didn't really hurt, either.) Despite his semi-wholesome resume, though, he hasn't coasted through his career without controversy.

Pause once more to appreciate that ;dalmatian-print button down, then click through to see who this is!