17 Times Joey Tribbiani Was the King of Thanksgiving
Joey Tribbiani Friends
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17 Times Joey Tribbiani Was the King of Thanksgiving


For 10 seasons, fans eagerly awaited the Friends holiday-themed episodes, especially at Thanksgiving which always brought out the best guest stars (we’re looking at you, Brad Pitt).

But no one, and we mean no one, does Thanksgiving quite like Joey Tribbiani.

Here are 17 times Dr. Drake Ramoray proved he was the King of Turkey Day.

1. When he attempted to eat an entire turkey

2. When he wore Phoebe’s maternity pants

3. When he wore makeup in an attempt to become a more serious actor

4. When he asked Monica to make tater tots for Thanksgiving

5. When he split his grilled cheese with Monica like a wishbone

6. When he forced Chandler to get over Janice

7. When he was clearly the best football player out of the bunch

8. When he forgave Chandler for stealing the Dutch girl away from him

9. When he forced Chandler into a box after he kissed his girlfriend

10. And then ultimately forgave him, because that’s what friends do

11. When he became the face of a venereal disease while modeling

12. When he actually liked Rachel’s disgusting English Trifle

13. When he just said what everyone else was thinking

14. When he was just being honest

15. When he put on his sweatpants to eat

16. When he forgot he was supposed to be in the Macy’s Day Parade

17. And, last but certainly not least, when he got a turkey stuck on his head