Juan Pablo Galavis Throws Frozen-Themed Party for Camila — Did Nikki Ferrell Attend?
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Throws Frozen-Themed Party for Camila — Did Nikki Ferrell Attend?

When it comes to dealing with criticism from all the haters, Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis would be well-advised to let it go and just enjoy their time together. And speaking of the words "let it go," Juan Pablo's daughter Camila happens to be the biggest fan of the movie Frozen ever. So the proud papa threw an adorable Frozen-themed party for his bundle of joy!

On April 12, JPG randomly tweeted the name of a Frozen song, "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman." And yes, we were confused as to why he was tweeting this. Did the city of Miami suddenly get a major snowfall?

However, he cleared things up when a fan asked whether Camila was a fan of the movie. "She LOVES it..." Juan Pablo responded, sharing a photo of himself and his daughter at her party. Camila is wearing an adorable outfit, and behind them is a giant Frozen poster, along with blue and purple decorations. We're sure that Adele Dazeem would be proud.

But was Nikki at the party? We're not exactly sure when the shindig took place, but it may have been for Camila's birthday, which is on Valentine's Day. If it took place over this most recent weekend, Nikki wouldn't have been able to attend, since she has been working extended hours lately at her job as a pediatric nurse in Kansas City.

However, Nikki has this whole next week off, so we're guessing she'll get to log some time with her boyfriend soon. And that's good news, since we're thinking that she likes warm hugs almost as much as Olaf does.

What do you think of Camila's party?

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter