Funny Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 7
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Jersey Shore

Funny Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 7

In between all the blood (oh wait, that was last episode), sweat, and tears, there were a lot of of quotable quotes on Jersey Shore, Season 3, Episode 7. Here are some of our faves.

Pauly: "I can't concentrate. [Sammi and Ronnie] are talking about relationships. My sneakers are dirty."

Vinny: "Sammi's like a f*cking spider monkey, climbing on the bed, in a pitbull lock."

Sammi [about Ronnie...we think]: "I love the d*ck."

Snooki [to JWOWW and Roger, who are about to smush]: "Can I watch?"

Sammi [to Ronnie via the confessional]: "I'm going to sh*t on you harder than you ever sh*t on me."

Ronnie [to Sammi]: "Shed some more tears, Niagara Falls."

Sammi: "I'm just gonna go out and be a slut."

Snooki: "The staircase is really, really small and the bed is really, really wide. And it's kinda like an analogy of Vinny's penis not fitting in my pin hole."

Ronnie [to Sammi]: "What I did in Miami, at least I had enough respect for you to do it when you weren't around."

Snooki: "Jenni looked so hot. Like porn star hot. If Roger wasn't there then I'd probably have sex with her."

Deena [about guy in restaurant wearing tight "retro" shorts]: "Talk about tighty whities. The guy had a camel toe on his penis and everything."

Snooki [about guy in restaurant wearing tight "retro" shorts]: "You can see the shaping of his weiner. And let me tell you, it wasn't even that big."

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