Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan and Emily’s Future: She’s the “Center of His World” — Exclusive
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Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan and Emily’s Future: She’s the “Center of His World” — Exclusive

As we anxiously await the September 29 premiere of Revenge Season 3, Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with one of our favorite Hamptonites, Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross).

When last we saw Emily Thorne’s faithful sidekick, he was arrested and considered to be the face of the terrorist group, The Initiative. But rather than donning an orange jumpsuit in Season 3, Gabe says Nolan will be stripping down when Revenge returns.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You’ve said that the cast is going to be pretty naked this season. What do you do to stay in shape?

Gabriel Mann: I definitely spend lots of time focusing on fitness and diet. As an actor half of what we can control with the characters we play is our body and how that plays into the physicality and the psychology of the character. It’s an absolutely crucial piece of how you put a character together. A character like Nolan uses his body in the way that he dresses in a pretty major way in terms of the goals that he hopes to accomplish and the way that he looks to the world.

How in the world are you 41?

I have to give that one up to my parents. They’re definitely grownups and they still look like teenagers. So I don’t know if that’s a good thing or if I should be in the circus somewhere.

I think most of Hollywood would say it’s a good thing.

Yeah it’s probably OK. [Laughs] In the town we live in and the industry I work in, absolutely.

Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan and Emily’s Future: She’s the “Center of His World” — Exclusive
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So Nolan’s gone from having a hot one-night stand with Tyler to an epic love saga with Padma. What is he looking for now romantically?

I don't think Nolan is looking for romance in Season 3. I think Nolan has been so burned at this point that at least coming into Season 3, his commitment is all about Emily. She is really the center of his world, but I think considering our jumping off point in this season is Emily getting shot at her own wedding and, being that she is the center of his world, that might send shock waves through the rest of the season, certainly. I also tend to find that in life when people are not looking for love, that’s generally when it comes smashing right into them. As to who that will be and what form that takes on our show this year, I would never give you a spoiler on that, but I would say it will be unexpected.

Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan and Emily’s Future: She’s the “Center of His World” — Exclusive
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So let’s talk Emily a little bit, or more importantly, Nemily. You’re a fan, we’re big fans. How can we make this happen in Season 3?

I would say rally our Revenge writers and our new showrunner, Sunil Nayar. I think, at least from Nolan’s perspective, there’s always going to be a deep love commitment and abiding friendship at the base of that relationship. At the same time, I really feel like he believes she is best suited to really understand him as a person. The methods she takes and the way she deals with him sometimes are a bit rough, but on the other side of it, they have come so far from our first episode in the first season to now. Even in Season 2, Nolan tells her that he loves her. And there really is this deep love and understanding between them. How or if that ever might go to the next level really depends on how many seasons the show is on the air for. So much tends to happen from episode to episode that I would say at a certain point with Revenge, we will certainly explore every and all possibilities with the way these characters interact. And we certainly have so far this year in some incredibly unexpected ways that you will come to see fairly quickly.

Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan and Emily’s Future: She’s the “Center of His World” — Exclusive
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OK! That’s not completely hopeless. So you mentioned new showrunner, Sunil Nayar and I think in many interviews he’s been pretty honest about some of Season 2’s downfalls and his plans for Season 3. Was there a point during the second season when you had to step back and say, “OK, this is ridiculous?” or “This is too much?”

I’m always Mike Kelley’s biggest fan. I feel like Season 1 was really about establishing a tone and introducing the characters and Season 2 was really about expanding the world of the show and kind of trying out different things and bringing in different characters. And I think having done that, looking at Season 3 now, it’s really about sort of taking the things we’ve now established at this point, and really kind of putting them back together and taking a “back to basics” approach. We are definitely out of the board room; we are back on the beach. Clothes are coming off. We are exploring sexual manipulation in a way we haven’t seen before with the show. I think this is a season that fans of the show will deeply appreciate and be very, very excited for. Also being a fan of the show myself, it’s hugely satisfying this year. It’s so far incredible, and we are only at Episode 8 at this point.

Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan and Emily’s Future: She’s the “Center of His World” — Exclusive
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I saw a picture of Nolan in a captain’s jacket in an upcoming episode. Is there any look he won’t try?

I think Nolan is open to everything when it comes to what he wears. I know certainly me, as the actor, it gets incredibly exciting when Jill Ohanneson, our costume designer, wants to push the boundaries with him. I think Nolan has always used clothing as social armor to a certain degree and the fact that we’re working with a little bit less this year. How would I describe his style this year? I’d say it’s easy access. Clothes have the ability to come off much more easily this year. I think Nolan is maybe not trying quite so hard with his wardrobe choices. He is more comfortable in his own skin, but having said that, he is always going have a certain flair and way of expressing himself with his clothing.

Speaking of trying hard, what would Nolan think of Miley Cyrus?

[Laughs] I think Nolan would love Miley Cyrus. She is completely unafraid. A huge risk taker. Me personally in life, you never really get the rewards in life without taking the risks, and Miley certainly ain’t scared to do that. In terms of Nolan, he would absolutely love to hang out with Miley Cyrus and maybe she could teach him a thing or two about twerking. And I’m sure he would not be scared to try.

If Revenge were to, perish the thought, end tomorrow, what would you like Nolan’s final line to be?

Nolan’s final line? My God, this is why I’m not one of the writers on the show. But I would say he would look at Emily with the Hamptons sunset in the background and he would tell her, “Job. Well. Done.”

Revenge Season 3 premieres Sunday, September 29 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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