Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan Ross’s Bisexual Bliss in Revenge Season 2
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Gabriel Mann Talks Nolan Ross’s Bisexual Bliss in Revenge Season 2

In last night’s dramatic doozy of Revenge, there were falling pregnant women and missing mothers, so it’s understandable if you weren’t focused on Nolan Ross and his inter-office romance.

Em’s sexy sidekick was steaming up the storage shed with Padma Lahari, the new CFO of his company, Nolcorp. But wait, wasn’t Nolan into boys last season? If you thought the Nolster was gay, then you weren’t really listening to him last season.

“[Nolan] describes himself as firmly a three on the Kinsey Scale [he likes men and women equally], which sort of puts him right in the middle of everything,” actor Gabriel Mann told the Gay Star. “I kind of thought that was really interesting as a character because we’ve had some really great, interesting gay characters on television, [and] we’ve certainly had a hundred, million years of everybody being straight on TV, too. I thought that bisexuals weren’t well represented.”

And Gabe isn’t just excited to experience a female relationship with his character this season — he also likes the deeper implications that Nolan’s bisexuality brings.

“It leaves all doors open, even beyond the sexuality in terms of the genesis of that whole character, my whole feeling about it was that I wanted to leave everything open,” he said. “Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Is he sleeping with guys? Is he sleeping with girls? Are his intentions true? Is he really just the ultimate two-face?”

What do you think? Would you like to see Nolan with a boy or girl? Weigh in below!

Source: Gay Star

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