Gabriella and Milania Giudice’s Soccer Team Wins Championship Title!
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Gabriella and Milania Giudice’s Soccer Team Wins Championship Title!

Woo-hoo, go Giudice girls! Teresa Giudice's daughters, Gabriella and Milania, scored a major victory out on the soccer field this week. The girls' team came out on top to win the championship with a first-place finish in their division.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey mama took to her Twitter to proudly announce the news, along with a picture of the whole team celebrating.

"#1 They won the championship for soccer first place, so proud of Gabriella & Milania," Teresa gushed.

It looks like the little ladies are about to dig into some chocolate-chip cookie cakes, decorated with their white and green team colors. Some of the girls' dads also appear in the photo, including Juicy Joe.

We're glad to see the Giudices enjoy some happy moments together, especially with all of the drama currently on their plate.

The couple was charged with 39 counts of financial fraud, and now two more charges have been tacked on for single counts of bank fraud and loan application fraud. Both Joe and Teresa have pled not guilty to the accusations and are due to appear in court in February of 2014.

Despite their legal woes, however, Teresa and her family are staying positive and moving forward with filming for Season 6 of the franchise. A source revealed to Wetpaint Entertainment, "She’s getting ready to start filming. Everything is moving ahead."

In the meantime, we hope she can continue to spend as much precious time with her kiddos as she can. When you're facing jail time, as much as 50 years, no less, it's the little people in life, not the things, that really matter.

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