Gabrielle Union Calls Dwyane Wade “Groomzilla” in Wedding Planning
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Gabrielle Union Calls Dwyane Wade “Groomzilla” in Wedding Planning

Gabrielle Union is gearing up for her second wedding, though to hear her speak of it, she's not the one doing the preparation! The 41-year-old actress tells People that fiancé Dwyane Wade has taken the reins.

"We call him Groomzilla," she quips. "I come in for like wine tasting and food. I'm like: What do we have? What are our colors? What is the date? I'm still waiting for a Save The Date so I know what the hell is going on."

Too funny! And apparently, she delegated responsibility just as much during her first time down the aisle, when she married Chris Howard in 2001. "I just wrote checks," she revealed on The Arsenio Hall Show in February. "I was working. I had a wedding planner. I showed up, and I was like, 'Oh, that's nice. Who picked that out?'" (The hands-off approach backfired, she said, when the pastor mispronounced her name at the altar.)

All of that said, the Being Mary Jane star does have some edicts of her own for the ceremony. For example, no bridesmaids or groomsmen — "You start to not like them after a month" — no centerpieces — "They obstruct the view and the flow of conversation"— and no bold looks — "I'm not going to experiment with some random makeup style on my biggest day."

Sounds like this bride-to-be has it all figured out… including how to let someone else do all the heavy lifting!

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