Gabrielle Union Reveals Friendship With Sheree Whitfield: “She’s Cool as Hell” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Gabrielle Union Reveals Friendship With Sheree Whitfield: “She’s Cool as Hell” (VIDEO)

Who knew former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield had such a great reputation amongst the Hollywood elite? Well, at least one major star is a fan of the She By Sheree founder: Gabrielle Union! The ageless style icon and current Think Like a Man Too star revealed this week that she knows the Atlanta gal well, calling her “cool as hell” and even “amazing”!

So how does the future Mrs. Dwyane Wade know Sheree? While Gabrielle was on Watch What Happens Live on June 16, Andy Cohen pointed out that the actress has been filming Being Mary Jane in Atlanta, and asked if she knows any of his beloved Housewives.

“I do, but from before they were Atlanta Housewives,” the 41-year-old divulged. “Sheree, she actually had the hottest boutique in Atlanta for years. It was the most amazing, fabulous boutique, and she was awesome and amazing and totally normal. She actually had amazing, sick taste.”

Wow! We had no idea that Sheree had such a star-studded fashion past! Though the RHoA star did display a great sense of style in her sartorial choices while on on the show, we had sort of written She By Sheree off as just another Housewife clothing line. Someone give this lady a second shot at her label!

Andy was just as surprised as we were, particularly by the insinuation that Gabrielle saw Sheree as “totally normal.” But the actress admits that she can see why viewers might not believe her.

“It’s like, there was the Sheree that I met, who was this amazing boutique owner — you’d walk in and she’d give you champagne and it was amazing,” she begins, adding, “And then there’s the show, which I think is a character. But like, the real Sheree is cool as hell and amazing.”

Now, we love our girl Sheree but considering half her time on RHoA had her yelling “who gon’ check me boo?!” in party planners’ faces and making weird screechy sounds at Marlo Hampton, we didn’t know she had such a low-key side!

Does anyone else want those rumors of a Sheree return for Season 7 to be true right now, so we can have her re-open this magical boutique? Yes, please!

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