Three Reasons the Game of Crowns Finale is a Must-See
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Three Reasons the Game of Crowns Finale is a Must-See

We know you don't want to plan your Labor Day weekend around your television, but you should make this one exception — because this Sunday, August 31 is the Game of Crowns finale. Season 1, Episode 9: "Bound by the Crown" airs at 10 p.m. on Bravo, and it's must-see TV.

Don't let the big finale pass you by! Set a reminder to watch Game of Crowns.

Don't miss the episode.

1. The Legends of the Crown winner is announced. We left the penultimate episode, "Legends of the Crown," not even knowing who made the top five! We saw the judges announce four of the finalists, including Lori-Ann Marchese and Shelley Carbone — and cut us off before the fifth. We're guessing it's one of our star ladies: Susanna Paliotta, Vanassa Sebastian, or Lynne Diamante. (From photos of the big finale, we're guessing it ends up being Susanna.)

Three Reasons the Game of Crowns Finale is a Must-See
Credit: David Surowieki/Bravo    

Anyway, not only do we find out who could win the pageant — we find out who does win. We'll probably get to see the fallout, too.

2. Vanassa goes boob-shopping. Hooray, Vanassa had a clean breast exam! We're stoked she's been given a clean bill of health… and we're also excited to watch her pick out a new pair of boobs. She has a different set of standards for implants than many of us would have.

"A lot of women want natural-looking implants," she says in a preview clip. "I'm so like not that girl. I'm tight and right and when I'm lying down the nipples need to be up in the air."

In the video below, watch her squeeze sample implants trying to find the pair that'll "poke the judges' eyes right out."

Her husband is surprisingly nonchalant about this.

3. Leha Guilmette gets her turn to talk. If Game of Crowns were the fashion club on Daria, Leha would be poor, pigtailed Stacy — quiet, often criticized, rarely heard. Some major drama has been building all season long as the gals talk behind her back, from speculating about her marriage to "overprotective" husband Nick, to joking that she looks "mannish."

In a preview clip from this Sunday's finale, though, Leha attempts to give her side of the story. Will she get her truth across? Will she get to defend herself, or will she be stuck defending her husband again?

Will Leha be the one to finally take Lynne down a notch? Please say yes.

Will you be watching the Game of Crowns finale on Sunday? What do you think will happen? Let it all out in the comments!

08.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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