Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones: Which Kills the Most Characters?
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones: Which Kills the Most Characters?

The BBC’s Downton Abbey and HBO’s Game of Thrones have more in common than their large casts and complicated story lines. As we learned all too well this year, neither show minds killing off its fan favorites.

Shall we count the deaths? In Season 3 alone, the Abbey lost Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay) to childbirth and dear Cousin Matthew (Dan Stevens) to poor driving. Only two losses, we know, but both were star characters and their deaths leave gaping holes in the plot and our hearts. Plus, the baddest maid in the biz, Miss O’Brien (Siobhan Finneran), won’t be returning next season, so that extends our mourning for at least another few weeks.

As for Game of Thrones, let’s put it this way: We have survivor’s guilt and we didn’t even attend the blasted Red Wedding. In case you took a digital fast the week of June 2, this particular nuptial ceremony was red not because of the bride’s color scheme, but because of all the blood spilled in under five minutes. The take-home message: No one is safe.

Ironically, it’s the unexpected nature of these two dramas that make us love them so much. Much like that edgy bad boy you had a crush on all throughout high school, these shows don’t play by the rules. No room for another King of the North? Kill em. Dan Stevens wants to move to America? Goodbye airbags.

Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones: Which Kills the Most Characters?
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Because they’re so daring and adventurous, we give these shows our hearts. Sadly, that’s a risk that, just like in high school, sometimes ends with us sobbing on the couch alongside our new besties, Ben and Jerry.

But even though Downton killed off two of the show’s most beloved characters, executive producer Gareth Neame doesn’t think his show is nearly as bad as GoT. "We didn't execute Robert Grantham at the end of the season," Neame says. "So other shows have the edge on us."

So which show do you think takes the body count cake? Is it Downton with its few but powerful deaths, or GoT with its “no one is safe” mass killings? Tell us below!

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