28 Things We Felt During the \
Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9 Jon Snow
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Game of Thrones

28 Things We Felt During the “Battle of the Bastards”


Tonight's Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7 ("The Battle of the Bastards") brought us one of the most epic battles in the show's history, and you better bet we had a lot of feelings about it.

Here's a rundown of our moment-by-moment reactions:

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When Shireen Showed Up in the Previously Ons

When the Episode Didn't Open in the North

When Dany Announced Her Plan

During Dany's Attack

When Grey Worm Killed That Dude

When Ramsay Showed Up

"You're Going to Die Tomorrow Lord Bolton. Sleep Well."

During the Planning Phase

When Sansa Explained How Bad Ramsay Is

"If Ramsay Wins, I'm Not Going Back There Alive"

Davos and Tormund's Conversation

Jon Demands Not to Be Brought Back

When Davos Finds Shireen's Fire Pit

When Yara and Dany Were Bonding Over Being Kickbutt Ladies

When the Armies Lined Up

When Ramsay Made Rickon Run

​When Rickon Died

When Jon Was Facing Down a Calvery

During the Brutal Battle

When the Boltons Surrounded Our Heros

When Jon Was Literally Being Crushed to Death

When the Vale Forces Showed Up to Save the Day

When Sansa Was Just Standing There Like a Baller

When Ramsay Was Just Like WTF

When the Giant Died

When Jon Beat Ramsay

When the Stark Flag Fell Over Winterfell Again

When Sansa Set Ramsay's Own Hounds on Him