Game of Thrones fans know Nikolaj Coster-Waldau best as the handsome and wise-cracking Jaime Lannister, but much like the show there’s a lot going on under the surface. Here are five facts about Nikolaj that even the most ardent GoT fan might not know.

1. He’s Danish. Although he sports a very convincing British accent on GoT, Nikolaj was actually born in Rudkøbing, Denmark. Now that’s a great Dane!

2. He’s gone medieval before. Nikolaj played the role of “Village Sheriff” in the 2005 period piece, Kingdom of Heaven.

3. He met George Clooney in a bathroom stall. Not on purpose! Nikolaj thought the stall was empty, but instead found it to be very much in use by none other than George Clooney. If only stuff like that would happen to us!

4. He’s been injured on set. Nikolaj suffered a bruised rib during filming when he was kicked by Locke (Noah Taylor). Don’t worry though, the loss of his hand was just special effects!

5. He likes gangster movies. Nikolaj’s favorite movie is the 1984 Sergio Leone film, Once Upon a Time in America. Somehow, it seems fitting. 

As if Nikolaj wasn't already living the dream life on Game of Thrones, he met George Clooney in a bathroom stall?! Now we're really jealous. 

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