You knew someone was going to do it. As soon as we saw Yara Greyjoy pry open a box containing her brother Theon’s “favorite toy” on the Game of Thrones Season 3 finale, we knew it was only a matter of time before someone made the connection to the classic Lonely Island song from SNL, “Dick in a Box,” and here it is!

The video sets the mood with shots of Theon trying to seduce his sister (remember, he didn’t know she was his sister, he’s not a Lannister!) as well as some scenes of him shirtless and moaning on the X in the Dreadfort. We of course get the money shot of the box being opened by Yara and her father, Balon, to coincide with the chorus’s reveal of the dick in a box. There’s also a special appearance by Ramsay Snow at the end of the video enjoying his, ahem, dinner.

The video can be seen below, and we would welcome more GoT/Lonely Island mashups while we’re at it. Maybe “I’m on a Boat” with Dothraki vomiting on deck as they cross the poison water? Or “Lazy Sunday,” since we have nothing to do on Sundays now that GoT is on hiatus. Or “Mother Lover,” featuring Robert Arryn and his mom Lysa. Come on people, the opportunities are everywhere!