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Being one of the stars of one of television’s hottest shows, Game of ThronesKit Harington (Jon Snow) is constantly encountering fans in real life. However, not all of these encounters go the way one might think.

While at San Diego Comic-Con, Kit revealed what he believes to be his funniest, or at least oddest, fan encounter to POPSUGAR: “This girl came up to me in a bar and she said, ‘My God, my God you look like Jon Snow,’ and I said, ‘Well, um, I am,’ and she’s like, ‘[laughs] He’s much taller than you’ so I said, ‘Well OK, you’re right, I’m not.’"

Maybe this fan was confusing Jon with Hodor?

Kit also chatted about his impression of the Red Wedding, and surprise surprise, he cried. He revealed, “I watched it and I weeped at the end, which is weird when you weep for someone who’s dying.” If that’s weird, then I guess we’re all a little weird!

Finally, Kit disclosed whom he would like to cosplay as at Comic-Con, saying, “This is really sad, but I’d dress up as Jon Snow. I’d go around the hall and see how many people were like, ‘Oh, that’s a really good impression.’”

Well, a decent impression anyway. After all, the real Jon Snow would be much taller!