It looks like one of the victims of Game of Thrones’s infamous Red Wedding scene has found new life.

Oona Chaplin, who portrayed Robb Stark’s wife Talisa on GoT (and whose stabbed-in-the-womb death was the show’s most disturbing to date), will play the lead in the upcoming Spanish film Purgatorio, according to

In Purgatorio — which is Spanish for, you guessed it, purgatory — Oona will play a woman who volunteers to babysit her neighbor’s young son for a night, but the kid starts acting crazy during the night and insists that they’re not alone in the house. Let’s hope that the someone else isn’t Walder Frey!

The film costars Andres Gertrudix, Sergi Mendez, and Ana Fernandez. It is also set to be the first feature length film for director Catalan Pau Teixidor, based on a script penned by Luis Moreno with some doctoring from Sergio G. Sanchez, who has previous creepy-kid-horror experience with his 2007 film, The Orphanage, in which Andres also starred.

While we will no doubt miss Oona on next season’s Game of Thrones, we’re psyched that she’s already picking up lead roles in features. The more Oona the better! Let’s just hope her character survives this one!