Game of Thrones has become well-known for its huge cast, elaborate sets, and extensive props, but do you know which of these props is most-hated among the cast?

In an interview with My Fanbase, series star Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) shared this set secret: “The wine is disgusting, it's like grape juice and everyone hates it — it's gag worthy." Wow, who knew people hated grape juice so much? Apparently the old Welch’s girl failed in her mission.

Sophie went on to say, “The props people are working on [improving the grape juice] though, so every season it tastes that little bit better.” Seriously, what is going on on the set of GoT? They can render realistic-looking dragons and show people getting their heads cut off but they can’t come up with a formula for palatable grape juice? Have they tried going to a supermarket?

Since the cast seems to detest grape juice so much, how about switching to Kool-Aid? Everyone loves Kool-Aid, plus it’d be great to see everyone in Westeros sporting a Kool-Aid moustache. Or, they could give the cast actual wine, we doubt anyone would complain about that — though after a few takes some actors may start forgetting their lines.

With this new knowledge at our disposal, we’ll be sure to pay extra attention to any wine-drinking scenes next season to see how many cast members make a face like a kid at Communion when tipping one back!

Source: My Fanbase

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