How many times have you been watching Game of Thrones and thought, “Boy, I’d like to give that punk Joffrey a piece of my mind!”? Well, here’s your chance! The Game of Thrones official Twitter account has started a new hashtag called #RoastJoffrey, which they are declaring is, “A disrespectful celebration of his grace and the world's 1st social media comedy roast.”

While we think it’s probably unlikely that this is the first-ever social media comedy roast, we still think it’s an awesome idea. Seriously, nothing brings people together like making fun of one of television’s most vile characters. Below is a sampling of some of our favorite efforts so far. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

@streetseidell: "King Joffrey's family is so inbred that they can't even spell Jeffrey right. @GameOfThrones #RoastJoffrey"

@baltes: "#roastjoffrey I haven't seen a kid that out of control since Lord of the Flies."

@funnyparadox: "When you're having a bad day, just remember: Joffrey has two dads, and still nobody loves him. #RoastJoffrey @GameOfThrones."

And a shameless plug from the author:

@johnnybrayson: "I bet Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz would like Joffrey. She's into heartless, brainless cowards #RoastJoffrey."

Come up with your own roasts in the comments!