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If you ask fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire books which new character they're most looking forward to meeting in Game of Thrones Season 4, you're going to hear the name Oberyn Martell, AKA the Red Viper, quite a bit. This badass price of Dorne is easily one of the most highly anticipated new characters yet, and now we've finally got our first look at him in costume. And bonus: we get to see his consort, the also-awesome Ellaria Sand, as well.

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Set photos of the pair in costume have surfaced from the wilds of the internet; you can view them at While these pics aren't particularly close up, they do give us a sense of what the show's version of these newbies will look like.

To us, Pedro Pascal looks great as Oberyn. He's decked out in what appears to be leather armor, which will be a nice contrast to the heavy metal gear the King's Landing knights favor. Ellaria, meanwhile, is dressed in a lovely, flowing gown of orange. We like that these two are appearing in warm colors and earth tones. That fits with the orange and reds of the Martell house sigil, which you can also see displayed proudly in these pics.

For more info on these characters, we've got the rundown on both Oberyn and Ellaria.

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