One of the best additions to the cast of Game of Thrones in Season 3 was Dame Diana Rigg in the role of Lady Olenna Tyrell, matriarch of the Tyrell family. Rigg earned an Emmy nomination for the role, and on the special features of the upcoming Season 3 Blu-Ray, she opens up about the character.

“She's very forceful,” Rigg says of Olenna. “She doesn't mince her words. She's witty, which is always fun to play.” Olenna is pretty awesome, and it sure sounds like Diana has a lot of fun playing her!

Olenna is also a feminist, though it’s unlikely anyone in Westeros knows what that is. Diana says of Olenna’s world view, “She doesn't think too highly of them, men in general. She thinks the world would be better if it were run by women.” Judging by the bright and cunning decisions Olenna has made compared to the boneheaded decisions of male “leaders” like Joffrey and Robb Stark, we’re compelled to agree with her!

The Season 3 Blu-Ray of Game of Thrones is due out on February 18, and Season 4 premieres on April 6. If you’re itching to see some Lady Olenna right now, you can watch the special features clip below.