Update 4/11: Sigor Ros will appear in this Sunday's Season 4 Episode 2 ("The Lion and the Rose"), and it sounds like we will see them play. Awesome!

Game of Thrones
has an interesting history with indie rock bands. Members from Snow Patrol and Coldplay have guest-starred on the show, while bands The Hold Steady and The National have both recorded songs for episodes (“The Bear and the Maiden Fair” “The Rains of Castamere,” respectively). But it seems no band is more connected to the show than Icelandic group Sigur Ros, who, in addition to an upcoming guest appearance in Season 4, are also releasing their own cover version of the Lannister anthem, “The Rains of Castamere.”

Most GoT fans will be quick to recognize “Rains of Castamere” as the title of the infamous Red Wedding episode. It’s the song that plays right before the massacre begins, but it’s also been featured a few other times on the show. In Season 2’s “Blackwater,” Bronn leads a rendition in a bar before heading into battle, and the National’s version closes the episode. In Season 3’s “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” an instrumental version plays over the closing credits after Jaime rescues Brienne from Locke.

Will Sigur Ros’ version make it onto the show? Anything is possible, and with the band already confirmed to appear on the show, we might even get a live version! For now, you can stream a sample of this version on Amazon.

Source: Consequence of Sound