Joffrey was a monster on Game of Thrones, no doubt about it. But now that he’s gone, we can’t help but think we’re going to miss the little twerp. Here are five reasons why.

He was the best villain. Every show needs a good villain, someone to root against, and Joffrey filled that role amazingly for Game of Thrones. With him gone, it feels like the show is missing something, with the other top villain candidates (Tywin, Ramsay, White Walkers) not quite reaching Joff’s level.

Jack Gleeson made us smile. Part of what made Joffrey so great was the acting ability of Jack Gleeson. Jack turned an unlikable character from the A Song of Ice and Fire books into someone we had to see on our TV screens every week, if only to see what new reasons he would give us for wanting to punch him in the face. Jack has recently stated that he plans on retiring from acting after GoT, and if that’s true, it only makes the time he spent as Joffrey all the more special.

His dynamic with Tyrion. We’re really going to miss the on-screen pairing of Joff and Tyrion. Don’t get us wrong, the two hated each other, but the show offered few moments that were as satisfying to the viewer as the occasions when Tyrion put his nephew in his place with a sharp-witted comment or well-placed slap to the face. We’re gonna miss those tender family moments!

He was a king we loved to hate. The fact that the most-hated character in the series is also the king made the show much more interesting than when semi-likable Robert Baratheon sat the iron throne. With Joff gone, we guess his little brother Tommen will take the throne, and last we checked, Tommen was a pretty good kid. Unless he undergoes a major personality change, and soon, King’s Landing seems like it’s going to be a little more boring with Tommen in charge.

What about Arya? With Joffrey now dead, Arya has lost her shot at avenging Ned Stark’s death. Now that she’s becoming somewhat of a cold-blooded killer, we really were hoping her journey would eventually take her to King’s Landing, where she could cross Joff’s name off her list. Without him around, we guess Arya will turn her attentions to Cersei, which just isn’t as satisfying.

Are we totally crazy for thinking we'll miss Joffrey, or are you picking up what we're laying down?