Watching certain things on TV with your parents can be extremely awkward; especially a show like Game of Thrones. HBO knows this, which is why they’ve unveiled an amazing ad campaign for their streaming service, HBO GO.

So far two spots for the service feature Game of Thrones, with both of them starring the same mother and father watching the show with their son and daughter. The first ad shows the mother constantly interrupting the show to ask questions, like which House Daenerys belongs to and then claiming that she’s married to the “big guy with the eyeliner,” unaware that he died in Season 1. Then, both she and the father declare that Robb Stark is played by Paul Rudd, which is endlessly annoying to the daughter.

The second video features the always awkward “watching a love scene with your parents” scenario, but ramped up for
GoT since it features brother and sister couple Jaime and Cersei. While watching briefly in uncomfortable silence, the mother speaks up by telling her kids that “Nana and Grampa Joe are first cousins.” So awkward.

HBO GO also has ads in the campaign featuring other uncomfortable shows such as True Blood and Girls, and their slogan for the campaign is: “The best of HBO on all your devices... far, far away from your parents.”