During Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 6 (“The Laws of Gods and Men”), we witness Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) finally breaking down. After a lifetime of being short-changed and ridiculed, the normally level-headed Tyrion lets loose against everyone in sight following the betrayal of his lover, Shae, and we’re left wondering why he went so far over the edge.

“I think if Tyrion has a tragic flaw, it may be that he sometimes lets his distaste for hypocrisy and stupidity get in the way of his good sense,” showrunner Dan Weiss explains in an HBO inside the episode video. “It’s been fun to watch him, sometimes literally, smack Joffrey down, but in this trial the chickens have come home to roost on a lot of that behavior.”

Dan goes on to discuss how Shae appearing as a witness completes Tyrion’s downfall. “The Shae testimony is really what puts him over the edge,” Dan says. “It pushes him into the kind of immoderate, passionate behavior that he occasionally veers into.”

While Tyrion kind of lost his head during the trial, hopefully he’ll get it back in time to figure out how he’s going to survive a trial by combat. We wouldn’t count him out just yet!