We previously reported on a contest where someone who was willing to shell out $20,000 for charity could be killed off in the next installment of A Song of Ice and Fire, the book series Game of Thrones is based on. As crazy as that story was, this is even crazier: someone actually did it.

Dave Goldblatt, a 30 year old employee of Facebook, had the winning bid. “I’m just lucky enough to be in a position to do this,” Goldblatt tells ABC News. “Obviously, the money is going to charity, so it’s an added bonus. I didn’t immediately seek to help wolf sanctuaries, but the more I read about the charities, I learned it was a worthwhile cause.”

As per the rules of the contest, Dave was able to choose what type of character he would be in the series, and Dave chose the obscure Valyrians. Having to include a Valyrian named Dave Goldblatt in The Winds of Winter seems like it could be a bit of a challenge for Martin, already a notoriously slow writer, but we’re sure George is up to the task.

When asked why he went with Valyrian, Dave says, “For whatever reason, I thought the Valyrians were cool. I’m hoping in future books we get to see more of them.” Thanks to Dave, it sounds like we will.

Source: ABC News