You would be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t enamored with Peter Dinklage’s acting as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. So far he’s the only actor on the show to win an Emmy for his performance, and he may just collect another one for Season 4. But there are people out there who think Dinklage’s performance is pretty lackluster... at least in the video game Destiny.

Destiny is a new game from the makers of Halo, in which Dinklage voices a robotic assistant named Ghost (no, not that Ghost). As cool as they may sound, fans of the game are trashing Peter’s performance. Vulture quotes gaming site Kotaku, which calls the performance, “flat... muted... often sounds phoned-in,” and also features a video from Kotaku titled “Peter Dinklage Isn’t Very Good in Destiny,” which features several of Peter’s “highlights” from the game.

Here’s the thing: if Peter Dinklage wants to give a somewhat mundane reading of lines for a video game, we’re totally cool with that. Just so long as he continues to churn out Emmy-worthy performances on Game of Thrones, the guy can do whatever he wants in his free time as far as we’re concerned!

Source: VultureKotaku