Of all the actors on Game of Thrones ,Kit Harington (Jon Snow) may have the strangest contract. We had heard before that Kit isn’t allowed to cut his wild and unkempt hair for the duration of his being on the show, but it turns out he’s not allowed to even get a tan!

While dodging the sun in Cannes, Kit revealed to Shortlist that Jon Snow must remain snow-white. “I can’t turn up to shoot with a tan," Kit says. Kit may think the rule is a bit foolish, but still wants to play it safe, adding, “They shove so much mud on your face it doesn’t really matter anyway, but yeah, I have to stay pale.”

We get that it wouldn’t make much sense for Jon Snow, who’s been stuck in the snowy wasteland of the North for four years, to suddenly have a sun-kissed glow in Season 5, but one would think the makeup department could take care of that. Or maybe they don’t have time to worry about that sort of thing, what with all the White Walkers and people missing body parts and all that. Maybe Kit can convince the showrunners to send him to Dorne in the future, that way he could finally get that tan he’s aching for!

Source: Shortlist