On Game of Thrones, the character of Sam (John Bradley) has gone from a seemingly worthless loser to a very prominent member of the Night’s Watch in just the past two seasons, and it sounds like Sam’s not slowing down anytime soon.

“One thing that’s been underestimated about Sam from the very start is his ability to influence people,” John tells Access Hollywood. “I think in terms of Sam influencing people’s decisions, season 5 ... will give him the opportunity to flex those muscles more than ever before.”

With the Night’s Watch dropping like flies, especially after the Battle at the Wall in season 4, they sure could use someone as strong-willed as Sam, and it sounds like he’ll be making some noise in the organization in season 5. We know Sam has some influence over Jon Snow, but perhaps he’ll expand his sphere of influence to include people like Alliser Thorne, or maybe Stannis Baratheon. There might even be some interplay between Sam and Davos. “I think that a relationship that strikes up between Sam and Davos would be an incredibly understanding relationship between the two of them,” John reveals. “[Because of] the duty that they feel they have to the people that they perceive to be in charge.”

Source: Access Hollywood