Credit: via IMDB

New Game of Thrones character Nymeria Sand will be portrayed by actress Jessica Henwick, but what do we know about this new face? Here are five facts about Jessica.

1. She went to Kate Winslet’s old school. Jessica attended Redroofs Theatre School in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK. The prestigious institution counts the Titanic star among its alumni.

2. She’s good on the keys. Like several other stars of GoT, Jessica has a musical background. She participated in piano competitions as a child.

3. She’s the first East Asian woman to star in a British TV Show. Jessica, who was born in England but whose mother is Chinese, broke down barriers in her home country when she became the first woman of East Asian descent to star on a British TV show, playing the lead on Spirit Warriors.

4. She knows Margaery and Ellaria. Jessica co-starred on British TV series Silk alongside two of her GoT co-stars: Natalie Dormer, whom you may recognize as the cunning Margaery Tyrell, and Indira Varma, who portrays her future TV stepmom Ellaria Sand.

5. She’s deadly IRL. She’ll be playing a dangerous Sand Snake on GoT, but Jessica can hold her own in a fight in real life. Jessica trained in the martial art of wushu for her role in Spirit Warriors, so watch out, Westeros!