New Game of Thrones character Trystane Martell will be portrayed by actor Toby Sebastian, but what do we know about this new face? Here are five facts about Toby.

1. He’s friends with Sansa Stark. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa on GoT, is already friends with Toby and apparently didn’t even know he had been hired to play Trystane until it was announced at Comic-Con. The two of them met while filming the movie Barely Lethal.

2. He’s a musician. In addition to being an actor, Toby is also a musician. He plays guitar, drums, and piano, and sings, which you can see for yourself here. Maybe he’ll join up with fellow singer Ramsay Bolton and DJ Hodor and form a band!

3. He’s English. Unlike his TV-Uncle and fellow Dornishman Pedro Pascal, Toby is not Latin American (Pedro is Chilean). He was born in Oxford, England.

4. He’s a relative newcomer. Toby only has five acting credits on IMDb, one of which is for his upcoming role in GoT and two are for films that are yet to be released. In fact, Toby is such an unknown...

5. He doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page yet. Proof. Get on that, Game of Thrones fans!