Theon Greyjoy has led a pretty rough life on Game of Thrones, but Alfie Allen, who portrays Theon, has it much better in real life — even if the rumors that he’s dating actress Anna Kendrick aren't true.

The pair reportedly enjoyed a few drinks at SushiSamba in Las Vegas last week, according to the New York Post. Gawker then ran with the story, tweeting, “Anna Kendrick is dating that guy you hate on Game of Thrones,” with a link to the story.

Anna, who split with long time boyfriend director and producer Edgar Wright last year, responded directly to Gawker, shooting down the rumors, “@Gawker Ahh, this has been hilarious and all but, nope. My apologies to Mr. Allen, who must be equally confused,." The tweet has since been deleted, but you can see an image of it at The Daily Mail.

So it looks like it’s either completely untrue, or perhaps the two just hung out as friends. We wouldn’t be too surprised, Kendrick is a huge Game of Thrones fan. In the past, Anna has tweeted photos of herself wearing a GoT T-shirt and showing off a wooden box from HBO that had been stylistically labeled, “House Kendrick.” So maybe she just wanted to pick Alfie’s brain about the show. And by the way, Gawker, we don’t hate Theon anymore we hate Ramsay!

Source: The Daily Mail