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On Game of Thrones, he’s the small man who casts a very large shadow as Tyrion Lannister. But in real life, Peter Dinklage is an animal-loving vegetarian. And he’d like to tell you why.

In this new ad for PETA, Peter and his adorable dog, who looks like a mix between a Puggle and some other kind of terrier, sit together and ask viewers to consider vegetarianism. He says that he wouldn’t kill animals, and he wouldn’t ask anyone to kill them for him, which is why he doesn’t eat meat. He calls it the “kinder choice.”

As much as we dislike prescriptivism, we’ll let this one slide. It’s impossible not to find Peter and his pup cuter than cute. Help us make the kind choice and figure out who’s cuter!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage Teams Up With His Cute Pup for PETA (VIDEO)

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