Credit: Keith Bernstein/HBO; Helen Sloan/HBO Photo: Game of Thrones’ Sansa and Arya Stark

Winter Change is coming! Are you craven, or is the idea exciting?

Game of Thrones made a few changes from George R.R. Martin's books in the first two seasons, but on Season 3 there may be even more. Sophie Turner (Sansa) warned fans (via Wired), "The show is kind of an adaption of the books. Everything is pretty much the same with one or two kind of differences. Season 3, there are kind of bigger differences, I guess. The book readers will be super shocked, I think."

So maybe we wasted our time creating that list of major events from the book? Seven hells, woman!

Not that everything will be changed. Season 3 is based on roughly the first half of Martin's third book, A Storm of Swords, which is a fan favorite. The creators know that, and there are certain things they know better than to change. However, it's exciting when you don't know what to expect. That's something The Walking Dead comic book fans often debate — the AMC show is very different from the comics, letting both stand on their own. That doesn't seem to be where GoT is headed, but do you like the idea of some shockers for book fans, or does that make you nervous?

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