Credit: HBO

Sometimes, when you really, really want something, you just have to go out and get it. That’s what this New Orleans-based Game of Thrones fan did: she purchased an Iron Throne replica, and she has her Daenerys Targaryen act down.

All she needs now to carry out her elaborate fantasy is a dude that looks like Robb Stark, so she can... erm, truly have conquered the seven kingdoms. Good thing that Craigslist exists for just such occasions!

Before you go frantically typing that introduction email: the potential fantasy Robb would have to bring his own costume. Don’t look too nice though, the ad instructs: you will have just come out of a dungeon after a long, sweaty battle. She’s looking for “a Stark in the streets but a wildling in the sheets.” (Wow.)

Credit: Craigslist

The ad is unclear about whether she’ll be bringing her own dragons.

Part of her fantasy is having killed all other rival families, which we assume she’ll take care of in her imagination — but if you’re a Jamie Lannister look-alike, you may want to steer clear of New Orleans, or grow a funny mustache, or something.

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