Game of Thrones

Jack Gleeson

Game of Thrones fans know Jack Gleeson as the utterly detestable Joffrey Baratheon, but the young actor — who is nothing like his sadistic character in real life — actually has a long acting history, including a role in a big time flick you've probably seen.

The Irish actor was born in Cork, Ireland, and started acting at the early age of seven. He started with a couple of short films, and then managed to snag a role in Batman Begins, the first in the Christopher Nolan batman trilogy. And no, he wasn't just a random kid screaming in the background — he played the memorable little boy who spotted batman and even had a conversation with him. Not a bad first role!

He then went on to have a part on Irish comedy Killinaskully, before grabbing a leading role in the film All Good Children. From there, he landed Joffrey, inspiring hatred across the globe ... which is really just a testament to how talented he is.

Along with filming Game of Thrones, Jack also attends school at Trinity College in Dublin, where he is a member of the DU players. He has actually said that he intends to stop acting professionally after Game of Thrones, as he would rather pursue a career as an academic, which is definitely not a switch you see every day.

Fun Facts

- He wants to be "a philosophy lecturer if possible," and hopes to get a Masters in Ancient Hebrew, and hopefully a PhD as well.

- He is a scholar at Trinity; a special accolade for students who show exceptional knowledge in their fields.

- He's the co-founder of a production company called Collapsing Horse

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