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The bastard son of Ned Stark and an unknown woman, HBO's Game of Thrones fan-favorite Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) technically belongs to no house, but he was raised as a Stark, and clearly lives by the values of his father, even now that he's a member of the Night's Watch.

In Season 1, we met Jon as a young man who wasn't quite sure how he fit into a household where he was loved as a brother, but did not have the same rights as his siblings. He decided to join the Night's Watch, where he befriended the bumbling-but-smart Sam Tarly. After taking his vows, he was assigned to be a steward to Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, whose life he saved when he was attacked by a wight in the middle of the night.

At the end of the season, Jeor and a group of rangers set out on a scouting mission north of the Wall to find Benjen Stark (a missing ranger who happens to be Jon's uncle) and find out more about a Wildling army that is gathering under the command of ex-Watch member Mance Rayder. Jon accompanied them.

In Season 2, Jon had various misadventures on this scouting mission, including seeing a White Walker and capturing Ygritte, a hot young Wildling woman who tricked him into being captured himself. Eventually, Jon was forced to kill fellow Watch member Qhorin Halfhand so that he could gain the Wildlings' trust and go undercover as a spy in their army.

Season 3 focused on Jon's work as a spy. He managed to win over Mance Rayder, but his feelings got the best of him and he fell in love with Ygritte. When he eventually escaped the Wildlings to return to the Night's Watch, she tearfully hunted him down and shot him three times. He managed to make it back to Castle Black, but he's near dead.

Jon was introduced in Season 1, Episode 1: "Winter Is Coming."

Memorable Quotes

- "First lesson, stick em with the pointy end."

- "Everyone knew what this place was, and no one told me. No one but you. My father knew, and left me to rot at the Wall, all the same."

- "I may be a bastard, but he is my father and Robb is my brother."

- "I never met my mother. My father wouldn't even tell me her name. I don't know if she's living or dead. I don't know if she's a noblewoman or a fisherman's wife... or a whore. So I sat there in the brothel as Ros took off her clothes. But I couldn't do it. Because all I could think was what if I got her pregnant and she had a child, another bastard named Snow? It's not a good life for a child."

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