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A wife of kings, Game of Thrones’ Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) is an ambitious young woman. First married to King Renly Baratheon and now engaged to King Joffrey Baratheon, Margaery is a pawn in the game of thrones, but she is not without her wits. Unlike the Sansa Starks of the world, this “pawn” has her own agenda: to be queen.

Margaery is introduced in Season 2 as the wife of Renly. It is a strategic marriage as Renly needs the considerable support of House Tyrell to back his claim to the Iron Throne. Margaery is a beautiful and clever queen. She knows that Renly is gay and favors her brother, Loras Tyrell, but she also knows she must produce an heir. She is honest with Renly about this, but they do not consummate their marriage before he is killed by Stannis. Gauging Margaery’s ambition to be queen, Littlefinger convinces House Tyrell to join the Lannister cause and back King Joffrey. The Tyrell forces help defend King’s Landing against Stannis’ attack, and Margaery is engaged to Joffrey.

In Season 3, Margaery is slowly getting her bearings in King’s Landing with the help of her world-wise grandmother, Olenna Tyrell. Margaery and Olenna learn from Sansa that Joffrey is a cruel king and fiance. Margaery immediately sets about learning how to manipulate him. She wears provocative clothing and pretends an interest in crossbows and brutal court history. She also works to increase Joffrey’s (and her own) popularity in the city, visiting orphans and encouraging public visibility of the royal couple. The Tyrells hatch a plot to have Sansa marry Loras, but the Lannisters catch wind of it and plan to wed Cersei Lannister to Loras first.

Margaery first appears in Season 2, Episode 3: “What is Dead May Never Die.”

Memorable Quotes

In response to Littlefinger’s question, “Do you want to be a queen?”: “No. I want to be the queen.”

— To Sansa: “Once I marry Joffrey, I’ll be queen. And if you were to marry Loras...oh, your place would be at Highgarden, wouldn’t it? We would be sisters, you and I. Would you like that?”

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