What Maisie Williams Plans to Do After Game of Thrones (VIDEO)

Credit: AOL

Game of Thrones has made a star out of the ultra-talented Maisie Williams, who has impressed the world with her masterful performance as Arya Stark. She shows incredible talent for a teen. But what kind of parts can we expect her to take on as her career starts to take off outside of the show?

In a recent interview with HuffPost Live, Maisie was asked if she wanted to try her hand at playing a regular teenage, instead of one as murderous as Arya.

That answer? Nope!

"With acting... with all the characters, you try to find a bit of yourself, because that's what you know," she explained. "I'm never going to be the 'normal' teenager, and I'm never going to be the romantic lead, because that's just not who I am. I'm the girl who goes to the festival and loses her voice," she adds, referencing the fact she's incredibly horse during the interview.

So what kinds of roles can we expect from the young star?

"I like the misfits and those sorts of people," she said. "So I hope I'll be playing these sorts of badass, strong female characters for a long time."

We couldn't agree more — she's perfect for those parts!

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