Game of Thrones: The Perfect Holiday Gift for The Devoted Fan

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: The Perfect Holiday Gift for The Devoted Fan

Winter is coming, and with it come the holidays. If you’re not sure what to get that Game of Thrones fan in your life, fear not! We’ve scoured the Seven Kingdoms to find the most awesome gifts that any knight, sellsword, or mother of dragons would be happy to find in their stocking.

Plush Direwolf Pup
These are adorable. Currently available in Ghost, Greywind, and Summer, with Lady, Nymeria, and Shaggydog coming soon. Get one for each of your siblings, and if you’ve got a bastard in the family, be sure to give him the white one! ThinkGeek, $19.99

Hand of the King Pin
Think you could run the kingdom better than Tywin Lannister? Well, you can at least look the part with this pin, which is a replica of the one worn by Ned Stark , Tyrion Lannister, and now Tywin. Just keep in mind, wearing it tends to be hazardous to your health. Amazon, $8.99

Crows Before Hoes T-Shirt
Jon Snow is so loyal to the Night’s Watch that it borders on stupidity, so poke fun at him with this hilarious shirt! Don’t worry, if you’re not into Jon Snow, Red Bubble has a ton of other original GoT tees. Red Bubble, $20.16

Khal and Khaleesi Rings
Wedding bands and engagement rings are over. Show your sweetie your undying love with this matching set of rings, one for the Khal and one for the Khaleesi. Now all you need is a Khalasar! Etsy, $24

Personalized House Sigil
This is pretty amazing. You provide your name, pick your symbol, color, and motto, and they’ll make up a GoT-style sigil just for you! Fly your colors proudly! Etsy, $50

Game of Thrones Cook Book
Readers of A Song of Ice and Fire know that the books can make you pretty hungry, since about a quarter of the pages are devoted to description of food. Combat your hunger with the official GoT cookbook,A Feast of Ice and Fire. Dragon eggs benedict, anyone? Amazon, $25.44

Game of Thrones: The Perfect Holiday Gift for The Devoted Fan

Dragon Egg Jar
Need a secure place to store your valuables? Just really like cookies? Checkout this dragon egg jar. While the jar looks like it could hatch a dragon at any moment, we wouldn’t recommend carrying it into a funeral pyre. Just sayin'. ThinkGeek, $29.99

Arya’s Coin
Keep this Bravosi coin in your pocket in case you find yourself in need of a faceless man, just maybe don’t bring it with you to a wedding. Valar morghulis. ThinkGeek, $11.99

Dragonglass Dagger
Like we said before, winter is coming, and that means White Walkers. Be ready for them just like Sam the Slayer with this dagger set! Does it really kill White Walkers? Who knows, but it looks cool! Amazon, $247.54

The Hound Helmet Replica
There’s no denying that The Hound has the best helmet in Westeros, probably to hide his horribly disfigured face. Now you too can own a wearable replica of his helmet with jaws that really move! Seriously, we want this. ThinkGeek, $299

Iron Throne Replica
Finally, for the person on your list who has everything, you can always pick up a full-size replica of the Iron Throne. It’s admittedly a little pricey, but it’s forged with the swords of your fallen enemies — or fiberglass, one of the two. At seven feet tall and 350 pounds, this thing is practically Hodor-sized, so it probably won’t fit under the tree. But who cares? Look how awesome! HBO Shop, $30,000

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