Game of Thrones: How Did Kit Harington Get His “Sick” Pompeii Abs?
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Kit Harington

Game of Thrones: How Did Kit Harington Get His “Sick” Pompeii Abs?

For anyone who’s seen the trailer for Game of Thrones star Kit Harington’s upcoming adventure film, Pompeii, one thing stands out: Jon Snow got ripped!

It’s not that Kit is in bad shape on Game of Thrones, but in Pompeii he looks like Mr. Universe, so how did he make the change?

“It was a big body transformation,” Kit tells Variety. “I had to go to the gym a lot.” We figured that much, but luckily Kit’s Pompeii co-star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje was on hand to give a more in-depth rundown of Kit’s routine.

Adewale says, “It was what we called gladiator camp, four weeks prior to the start of the movie. It consisted of four hours a day of workouts: two hours of intense fight training with swords and weaponry, an hour of weight training, then another hour of cardio, and that was covered with an 1,800-calorie diet, which was brutal.”

Adewale goes on to elaborate on Kit’s new physique, “Both me and Kit trained together. It was a really useful exercise. It allowed us to bond and form a relationship that leaps over into our characters on-screen. Kit had the sickest abs.”

We wonder if Kit’s “sick abs” will make an appearance in Season 4 of GoT? We don’t think Ygritte would complain!